Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

If you’re an Indian citizen, but not taking vaccinations is like being the only one in a million. Haven’t had taken the vaccine yet , do it now and make sure you register. If you’ve already been vaccinated, and are looking to get your certificate of vaccination do not worry about it. You can find steps to download the Covid-19 Vaccine certificate of vaccination on this page. Follow this article until the very end.

Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate
Image: Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t just a threat to India but is also a threat for the entire world. To fight the disease, COVID-19, the Serum Institute Of India has come up with a vaccine that is suitable to India. India has over 125 million, is the largest manufacturer of vaccinations.

Vaccine Certificate by Aadhar

Following the second COVID-19 wave, at the time the vaccine was developed, several Indians were scared to take the vaccine. However, after a while, everyone realized that the COVID-19 vaccine could save a person’s life.

CertificateCOVID-19 Vaccine Certificate
Total Vaccinated1,21,84,45,000+ (As on 27 November 2022)
Dose 1 Vaccinated78,25,87,184 (As on 27 November 2021)
Dose 2 Vaccinated43,50,18,835 (As on 27 November 2021)
Sites Conducting Vaccination1,02,372 (Total)- 2,354 (Private) & 1,00,018 (Government)
Vaccine NameCovidshield (Oxford-AstraZeneca)

As of the 27th November in 2021, more than 121 crore people Indian citizens have been vaccinated. certain Indians are only partially vaccinated, and certain are completely.

Corona Vaccination Certificate Download

In the last few days, India has made a record of more than two Crore of vaccinations in one morning, and that is an enormous amount. Today, Vaccination is happening at 1,02372 centers for vaccination, 1,00,018 centers and private, and the rest of the 2,354 vaccinations are privately.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate using Mobile Number

How To Download COVID-19 Certificate?

To download we’ve listed the two ways to download it. Two ways to download can be utilized You can choose one of these options to download the certificate of vaccination.

Two methods of downloading COVID-19 Certificates of Vaccine Certificate can be found “Download COVID-19 Vaccine Through CoWIN Website” and “Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Through DigiLocker”.

Vaccine Certificate Verification

How To Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Through The CoWIN Website?

To download the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate through the CoWIN Website, you must follow the step-by-step directions carefully.

Cowin App Download

Note To download the COVID-19 Vaccine Certification through The CoWIN Website, you need the mobile number recorded at the time of registration.

  • To download the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate through the CoWIN Website, visit
  • After clicking the link above there will be the option to Register or Log In. in located at the upper-right corner of the webpage, click it.
  • After you click on the above given option, You have to enter your registered number. Make sure to fill in the mobile number registered and then tap the Get OTP button..
  • After pressing the above mentioned button, you will receive a 6-digit OTP. Complete with the OTP. Tap on to Verify & Proceed.
  • When you tap on the previously listed option, you will be taken to a page on which you will see an option to Certificate tap it.

Note After pressing the option for a certificate, the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate will be downloaded. You can then take a photocopy of the certificate.

Covid Vaccine Certificate

How To Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Through DigiLocker?

To download the COVID-19 Certificate Through DigiLocker you need to follow the step-by-step directions carefully.

  • To download the Certificate through DigiLocker go to the DigiLocker application, sign in or log in.
  • After you have registered or signed in you will be on your home page of the app and click on “View All (24) which will appear exactly as following that of the Central Government.
  • After you tap on the above given option, look for it under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare tab, then click on it.
  • After pressing the Ministry of Health & Family Welfarean tab for Covid Vaccine Certificate will appear prior to tapping it.
  • When you tap on the previously listed option, you have to enter your Beneficiary ID. Once you have filled it, tap on it in and then tap on button to GET DOCUMENT.
  • When you click the above mentioned option , your COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate will appear in front of you.

Note Beneficiary IDs is located in the text message which typically arrives at date of the registration.

Vaccine Certificate Correction


We hope that following this article you’ve gained the most comprehensive information on how to download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate. Even after you have read this article If you have any concerns or doubts regarding the downloading of COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate via DigiLocker or the CoWIN Website. Please let us know by leaving a comment below, we’ll try to address your questions or concerns as quickly as we can.

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