Vaccine Certificate by Aadhar: Download Cowin Certificate by using Aadhar number

Covid vaccination certificate how do I download the Covid19 Vaccine Certificate by Aadhar number or mobile number. After the first dose of vaccine has been received authorities issue a vaccination certificate that confirms that the person was immunized. The certificates of vaccination contain all the essential information about the individual who received the vaccination.

Download Vaccine certificate by Aadhar
Image: Download Vaccine certificate by Aadhar

India is in the third Covid19 outbreak and this month has seen more than 4 lakh coronavirus-related cases of contamination in line with the daytime for four consecutive days. To fight this deadly disease authorities have a legalized the vaccination of all persons older than 18.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate using Mobile Number

Vaccine Certificate by Aadhar

  • As per the Union Ministry of Health, India is the fastest within the international countries to give 17 crore doses Covid19 vaccine.
  • Ministry data indicates that 17,01,763,603 doses of the vaccine were administered in the course of 24,70,799 sessions.
  • Presently, vaccines are being administered through India: Covishield, evolved through the Serum Institute of India (SII) as well as Covaxin which comes from Bharat Biotech.
  • After the first dose of vaccine has been received The authorities issue a certificate of vaccination which confirms that the person was immunized.
  • It is activated shortly after receiving the first dose. The certificates will contain the basic information about the individual who received the vaccine, which includes the name, age, and gender, and all details of the vaccination.
  • In the information about vaccination there is information such as details about the vaccination name, date on which the first dose was acquired and the date it expired and the date the individual was vaccinated, and by whom.
  • When you’ve received your vaccination, the next thing to do is download the certificate of vaccination.

Cowin App Download

How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

It is possible to download the Covid19 vaccination certificate through the Cowin portal as well as through the Aarogya Setu application and from the digilocker app.

We will guide you through the simple ways to get the Covid19 vaccination certificates using the application.

Covid Vaccine Certificate

How to Download Vaccine Certificate through Aadhar via Digilocker App

  • The Digilocker software allows you to save your various personal files together with your Aadhar card or driving license, for example.
  • The app also stores details of various different Indian departmental offices of the authorities. You can download the Corona vaccine certificates through the DigiLocker application by these steps.
  • To begin, go to first to the Play Store for the download of and installation of DigiLocker application on your device , if you don’t have it previously.
  • Go through the registration procedure in the application by filling in information like name (DOB), the date of birth (DOB) gender, security PIN, mobile numbers, Aadhar number and the number of your phone.
  • After registration, visit your Central Government tab and tap on the Ministry of Family Health and Welfare (MoHFW).
  • Then, you’ll find an option marked “Vaccine Certified”.
  • After that , click then on then the Vaccine Certificate link, and then input your reference ID number of 13 digits in order to obtain this Covid Vaccine Certificate.

Vaccine Certificate Verification

How to download Vaccine Certificate from  

To download the certificate of vaccination on CoWIN i.e. you must follow these steps carefully. Once you have followed the steps, you will be get the vaccine certificate.

Note to download Vaccine Certificate from the CoWIN platform, you need the correct number of was registered at the time of vaccination. If you’ve provided the wrong mobile number when you received your vaccination, then go to your local vacation center and ask them to make the correction to your Mobile.

Corona Vaccination Certificate Download

  • In order to download Vaccine certificate from CoWIN first, go to this CoWIN site i.e. And then tap one of the three dots that will appear exactly at the top-right corner of the page.
  • After pressing the above listed option, a pop-up will appear before you. Here, you can find the option to choose vaccine Services. Click on it to select the option.
  • When you click on the option “Vaccination Services” more options are displayed ahead of you. You will be able to select ” Download Certificate“. It is also shown in the picture, too. take a look below.
  • After you tap on the option “Download Certificate” you will be directed to a website which will ask you to enter the registered mobile number, then fill in the mobile number registered and click on “Get OTP”.

Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

How to Download with OTP

  • After you tap on the option to Get OTP you will be redirected to a different page and will also receive a 6-digit OTP on your registered mobile to complete the OTP and then click on the option to Verify and Proceed.
  • When you click on to verify and proceed, you’ll be taken to a page that will display an option to Display Certificate Click on this option.
  • After selecting the option Show Certificate two options of Download and Save to Digilocker Click on the option to download.
  • After you tap on the Download option your COVID-19 Vaccine Certification will be downloaded on your device.

PNB Patanjali Credit Card

How to Download the Vaccination Certificate from the Aarogya Setu App

  • First, you must open this application from your mobile handset (You could get Aarogya Setu from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store). Aarogya Setu application via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store If it’s not yet installed on your phone)
  • Once you have done that, sign in using your mobile number,. Now, click the Cowin tab on the top of the app.
  • Enter your reference ID of 13 digits after you have clicked on the option to get a vaccination certificate.
  • Last but not least you need to click the download button to download the Covid-19 certificate of vaccination.

AP MeeSeva

How to Download Vaccine Certificate from the Umang App

Therefore, by using the Umang application, downloading the Covid vaccination certificate is extremely simple. Follow these steps for the procedure of downloading the vaccination certificates through your UMANG application.

  • To begin, you must first, open the UMANG application. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, head over to the Play Store. Download the app there onto your device.
  • Open the app on your device and look for your “What’s New” section in it.
  • In”What’s New” in the “What’s New” section, there is an option called Cowin.
  • After that, you can click on the Cowin and then click on the Download option.
  • Enter your mobile number, and then enter the one-time password that has been transmitted to your mobile.
  • Then, verify the beneficiary’s name as well as download the Covid vaccination certificate to your device.

Covid-19 Booster Dose

Covid-19 2nd Dose Vaccination Certificate

In order to download your Covid 2 vaccination record, several simple ways are explained in the article. We’ll provide you with the direct link to download the certificate of vaccination and a few simple steps are given.

  • After you receive your second dose of Covid vaccine, you’ll get an affirmation message. This message contains the mobile number provided at the date of the vaccination.
  • In this message , you’ll get the details regarding your registration number as well as the vaccination. In this email, you will be sent the link. Using this link, you can access a web page regarding how to access your phone.
  • On this page, you need fill in your phone number, then click on To Get OTP and then log in.



Once you have connected, a pdf that contains the Covid vaccination certificate for the second dose of vaccine will be sent directly to your mobile. For more details, about the vaccine Certificate from Aadhar, continue to visit our website.

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