Vaccine Certificate Verification – Verify Your Certificate Using These Steps

Vaccine Certificates Verification Anyone who has been vaccinated is able to verify their vaccination certificate by visiting CoWIN’s official website.  In India around 80 lakhs to one crore people are getting vaccinated every day. Individuals who have taken the first or the second dose of COVID-19 are receiving the digital Certificate of Vaccination. To confirm the validity of a vaccination certificate it is crucial to be aware of the specifications for checking your Vaccine Certificate. In this article, you’ll learn the specifications about checking the validity of the certificate. Read the entire article.

Methods for Vaccine Certificate Correction
Image: Methods for Vaccine Certificate Correction

Vaccine Certificate Verification

The verification of the COVID-19 certificate is crucial for any person who has had one or all doses of vaccines. It’s important as through the vaccine certificate verification, anyone can be sure that the certificate of vaccination is valid. A valid certificate of vaccination is beneficial to anyone. In the event that you travel across the nation or out of the country having a COVID-19 valid certificate is crucial.

Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

In order to obtain a valid COVID-19 vaccination, you must present the appropriate credentials during the vaccination. Every person should provide a valid documents (which should include your basic information i.e. name, father’s name address, etc.) during the time of vaccination because it can assist the person (who who is receiving vaccination) to obtain an official COVID-19 certificate.

Vaccine Certificate Verification Highlights

VaccineCovishield (AstraZeneca)
CertificateCOVID-19 Vaccine Certificate
Certificates Verification1st Dose Certificate & 2nd Dose Certificate
Verification ModeOnline
COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate TypeDigital (Which can be printed on paper of the century)
Vaccine Certificate Verification
  • If you are in doubts about the COVID-19 vaccination certificate Then , to remove doubts about COVID-19 certification, you must go through and follow the step-by step guide regarding the verification of your vaccine certificate.
  • To verify the validity of your certification, you need to possess your vaccination certificate, in the event that you haven’t yet already downloaded your vaccination certificate. It is available for download on the official site for CoWIN If you’re not sure regarding downloading the COVID-19 vaccine certificate, you must go through our article on downloading the COVID-19 certificate of vaccination. To read more about downloading the certificate of vaccination click here ” Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate“.
  • If you’ve got COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in your possession and you are able to access it, then you should be aware how to verify the certificate of vaccination.

Corona Vaccination Certificate Download

  • It is only possible to be able to verify the COVID-19 certificate of vaccination, when you are vaccinated, and have your vaccination certificate.
  • If you are not vaccinated in the past, be quick to get COVID-19 Vaccine. As on, December 2021 the majority of Indians have been vaccinated. So, make sure you hurry in getting your vaccine and obtain the certificate to confirm it by following the steps-by-step instructions below.

How To Verify COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate?

  • To confirm COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate it is necessary to follow the steps carefully. After that, you’ll be able to verify the validity of your vaccination certificate.
  • To verify vaccination certificate, you need to take a photocopy of your vaccine certificate. This is because you need to scan the QR Code to determine if your certificate is valid not.
  • To confirm the validity of the certificate first, you must visit
  • After you have visited the you will see the choice of menu at the top left-hand corner of the page you have visited click it.
  • After you tap on the Menu option A drop-down menu will be appear before you, and you’ll find three choices i.e. home, verify certificate, and Share Vaccination Status. Tap on the option Verify the Certificate.
  • When you click on the option Verify Certificate You are directed to a new web page on every website. You can choose to scanning QR codes Tap on it.
  • On tapping the Scan QR code, you’ll be directed to a website page on which you will be required for a scan of your QR Code of the vaccine certificate, then hold it in front of the QR Code of your vaccine certificate in front of the camera.
  • When you have scanned the QR Code in front of the camera Your certificate will then be confirmed.

Covid Vaccine Certificate

Vaccine Certificate Verification


 Which is the official website confirms the COVID-19 vaccination certificate?  

The official site to confirm the COVID-19 vaccination certificate is

How long does it take to confirm the COVID-19 certificate of vaccination?

It can take 2 or 3 minutes to validate the COVID-19 certificate of vaccination.

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We hope that you got the most comprehensive information on confirming COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate. Even after you have read this article If you have any questions or doubts regarding the Vaccine Certificate Verification then ask it in the comments below. We will be happy to respond to any questions or concerns in the shortest time possible.

COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Verification WebsiteClick Here
Official PortalClick Here
HomepageClick Here

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